windsurfing in turkey bodrum

windsurfing in bodrum-turkey
windsurfing in turkey bodrum

Windsurfing holidays

in Turkey  has one of best conditions  in Turkey. we offer  suitable  conditions for windsurfers from beginner to advanced windsurfers.

Booking one of our partners of hotels, private villas ,  windsurf rental package price will be  included.. However, no problem if you dont stay with us.
You are also welcome to our club bodrumwindsurf.

What conditions u will find for windsurfing

    Suitable conditions
    Advenced instruction
    All level equipment
    Large shallow , sandy beach
    Safe bay
    Friendly atmosphere , without any pressure
    Great base for exploring Bodrum

Walk distance to the center of  Turgutreis and due to the cross-on wind;  very suitable  bay for a windsurfing.
In the mornings  there is a light breeze blowing and flat water, that offers best time for learning how to windsurf. The shallow water is waist deep as you go far as 100 metres from the beach.

Afternoons, wind usually picks up , welcoming  more advanced windsurfers.
there is a  wind funnell from the island opposite the bay and over the large hill at the end of the bay.
With The strong winds you can plane easily without hassle and can  jump just 20 metres from the shoreline. Very suitable place  in Turkey from beginner to advanced windsurfers.

Bodrum Region, specially the part that we are in, effected  from the Meltemi (thermal wind), that blows from May till October.

July and August are  the strongest conditions for windsurfing in Bodrum. For wind reports, go to Windfinder Turgutreis

About safety

We have lifeguard staff watching you on the water at all times, and we have 2 rescue boats ready to rescue if needed.

Windsurfing School

In our  windsurfing  school, we offer courses and private lessons,

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